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What Are The Precautions For Wire Mesh Fence Transportation?

Feb. 19, 2019


Recently, some customers responded that the Wire Mesh Fence was damaged after receiving the goods (the surface of the pvc was worn). In fact, the wear and tear in this transportation process can be completely avoided, but the loader or the driver does not have preventive measures during the loading and unloading process or during the transportation. The wire mesh fence produced by Zhengxiao is strictly tested at the factory, and there will be no defective products. PVC Welded Wire Mesh Fence Manufacturer reminds our customers here that the precautions in the transportation process are as follows:

1. Before the loading of the barbed wire fence and the net protection net, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the surface of the car is flat and whether it is mixed with other goods. If there are any two situations, it is necessary to take protective measures because of the corners of the car or other The cargo will cause wear on the pvc on the surface of the barbed wire fence. If necessary, a film shall be laid on the surface of the car, or a spacer shall be placed between the other cargo and the barbed wire fence to avoid wear.

2. The car is well installed, if there is a gap between the barbed wire fence and the car body, be sure to fill it with filler to avoid the friction caused by the car during the driving process.

3. Loading and unloading the fence net must not be thrown hard, avoiding the angular collision between the goods, resulting in the wear of pvc on the surface of the barbed wire fence.

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