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What should Wire Mesh Fence pay attention to during installation?

Dec. 30, 2019


As a Wire Mesh Fence Manufacturer, share the information with you. Anti-corrosion treatment: PE / PVC coated plastic wire is used for the fence and the fence is made of plastic spraying, dipping plastic treatment, anti-rust primer and metal paint. The color of the seine is generally dark green and grass green, and most of them are dark green.

Wire Mesh Fence

Wire Mesh Fence

The advantages of the Wire Mesh Fence network are beautiful, economical, maintenance-free, simple installation, maintenance, decoration, and beautification. Embedded device: first dig the foundation pit, then place the column into the foundation pit to pour concrete, and then install the fence after the concrete has set.

Chassis device: It needs to be hardened on the ground, and the expansion bolts are fixed on the ground. The ground clearance of the wire mesh refers to the space between the fence and the horizontal pipes under the fence. So what's the use of this interval?

After the rain, there must be water on the ground. If the gate is close to the ground, it will be immersed in the water. The long time of corrosion and rust affects the service life of the fence. In order to simplify the installation, if the ground is not very flat, the Seine will be built close to the ground so that it will not be installed at that time.

The center interval should be defined as the interval between the columns, and the orientation of the columns should be confirmed according to the center interval of the device site. Attention should be paid to the posts and the installation of the posts. After the fence is suspended, the density of the fence should be adjusted, and the surface of the wire fence should be tight.

Fence nets are widely used in protective fences around basketball courts and football fields. The construction of a new stadium in the park is inseparable from the fence net fences. Most of the fence nets in the stadium use chain link netting as the foundation. The chain-link net is woven with Elasticity, small enough to football and basketball, large enough to be able to pop up on it, but the chain-link net itself does not cause any damage.

The standard of chain link fence in the fence net is one thousand people. As long as the surrounding frame styles are changed, there is a full-frame, and there are two upper and lower layers. The full-frame is divided into chain link nets. There are steel bars. There are no sticks, and there are many styles, so the price is different. The full-frame is a round tube with a diameter of 48 and a thickness of 1.2-2cm. There are two methods to tighten the chain-link fence inside the frame.

One is to directly fix the chain link fence with PVC plastic wire directly, and the other is to weld the U-shaped card on the frame. The chain-link fence is tightened by an 8cm steel bar, and the steel bar is screwed on the U-shaped card. Fixed, both methods can reach the elastic force of the fence net, the price is directly cheaper to surround, and the price of steel bars is higher.

Both have their strengths. The style of the upper and lower layers of the device and the full-frame are the same. The upper and lower layers are understood as follows: the device has two frames on the upper and lower columns. The frame can be a square tube or a frame. It is a round pipe, and the internal link of the fence net can also be repaired directly or can be fixed with steel bars. The price should be determined according to detailed standards. Our company also has Forestry Fence on sale, welcome to consult.


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