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The Relative Knowledge Introduction Of Wire Mesh Fence

Jan. 17, 2019


Wire Mesh Fence can be seen around many venues. So, do you know about its introduction? What kind of material is used in the production of wire fence? How to install them? The following text is an introduction to the knowledge of wire mesh fences.

The wire mesh fence is generally welded with a high-strength steel wire material, and its structure is very novel. At the same time they are very Sturdy. Its mesh surface is flat, the mesh distribution is very uniform, the pressure resistance is strong, and it can also have anti-slip effect. Corrosion resistance is also very good, the effect of prevent wind and rain is prefect.

The main installation steps of Versatile Fence includes four steps.

1. According to the design requirements of the drawings and the actual terrain, the construction of the fence shall be installed according to the specified slope and line shape.

2. The original ground treatment is an important prerequisite for ensuring the smooth installation and overall firmness of the protective fence installation.

3. According to the measurement and stakeout, set the benchmark and white line, fill and dig the original surface, and compact again, install the stakeout position to excavate the pillar pit to ensure the size of the foundation pit.

4. Install the fence, and then ensure that the installation is correct and firm, then pour the concrete and timely maintenance.

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