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What Is Galvanized Cattle Fence?

Mar. 30, 2019


As a Galvanized Field Fence Exporter, let's introduce Galvanized Cattle Fence. The grassland protection net is a relatively general concept. It can be used as a protective net for the Galvanized Cattle Fence and the grassland net on the grassland, on the pasture, and in the breeding. The protective net is widely used and has many types. The slope protection net ( Slope protection net, active protection net, flexible protective net, passive protective net) (road, railway) protective net, garden protective net, stadium protective net, residential area protective net, road protection net, breeding net.

Galvanized Cattle Fence is made of high-strength steel wire, which is automatically twisted and braided. The structure is novel and firm and precise. The mesh surface is flat, the mesh is uniform and integral, and the toughness is big, not close together, anti-skid, anti-pressure, anti-vibration, anti-corrosion, windproof and anti- Rain is no matter how bad the local climate, geography and natural conditions can guarantee a long service life. Even if it is partially cut, the local pressure is not too loose. Galvanized Cattle Fence has good anti-corrosion performance, strong anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation characteristics, and has the advantages that ordinary steel mesh does not have.

Galvanized Cattle Fence


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