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What is Cattle Fence, Grassland Fence?

Feb. 11, 2019


What is grassland fence, what is Cattle Fence? First of all, what is the Grassland Fence, the grassland net is a kind of barbed wire widely used in grassland pastures. It uses 1.5mm-3.0mm diameter steel wire or iron wire as raw material, using a middle-eye iron piece. The two filaments are cross-fixed and connected to each other to form a warp and weft-connected net. It is the earliest primitive product in the pastoral area. Since the iron sheet is used as a fixed point, the net is loose and has no toughness. And it can only be used once, so the effect is not ideal, and often does not play an ideal role. Later, the technical transformation was carried out on the prototype of the grassland net, and the original iron plate fixing method was changed to a more novel winding method. The structure between the warp and weft is closer, which greatly enhances the overall resilience of the grassland net. Based on its strong toughness and firm structural characteristics, it is called the Niulan net. The wide application of Galvanized Cattle Fence has effectively improved the inadequacy of the grassland network, and the model of the Niulan network is also different with the user's usage, and the model specifications of the Niulan network are also increasing.

Cattle Fence


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