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How To Fix The Barbed Wire Fence After Use?

Jan. 12, 2019


When packaging, storage, transportation, installation, site welding and flame correction of Wire Mesh Fence, it is inevitable that some paint film will be damaged and damaged, and it needs to be recoated. In addition, some parts need to be installed on site to be recoated. If quality control is not carried out on this part of the repair work, it will cause partial rust, which will cause the entire fence to rust. The repair and repair of the wire mesh fence work mainly controls the following three points:

(1) Before the Welded Wire Mesh Fence is repaired, the conditions of the old paint film and uncoated area of each part and the design technical requirements shall be studied first, and the surface treatment of the fence shall be carried out by sandblasting, grinding wheel grinding or fence brushing. .

(2) In order to maintain the flatness of the paint film of the fence, the paint should be trimmed within a distance of 10~20CM around the defect to make the paint film have a certain slope.

(3) Repair work should be applied according to the original coating brush process requirements and procedures.

The surface derusting grade and appearance quality of the barbed wire fence before painting shall comply with the design requirements and the relevant national standards. The surface shall be free of welding slag, welding slag, dust, grease, water and burrs. The surface of the fence shall be chemically rusted. Exposed metal luster with a blade inspection, and the current national standard <pre-painting fence mesh surface repair grade and derusting grade> specified pieces, observation and inspection of the barbed wire fence according to the number of each fence net check 10%, but should not be less than 3 .

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