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What Factors Should Be Considered In The Design Of The Temporary Fence?

Mar. 19, 2019


Now, the design of the road Temporary Isolation Fence is also very particular, then what factors should we consider in the design? Today we will tell you what factors to consider for the design of the Temporary Ring Fence?

(1): Galvanized design: Everyone should know that the temporary fence will be coated with a layer of zinc. In this way, not only can it protect, but also extend the service life of the guardrail. The permanent coating of the galvanized design consists of a hot dip galvanized layer, a zinc-rich phosphating layer, an organic zinc-rich epoxy powder coating and a polyester “no flaw” color powder coating, using world-class surface treatment technology and The advanced special equipment makes the four protective layers scientifically and rationally combined, giving the municipal guardrail excellent corrosion resistance, good moisture resistance, chemical resistance and super UV resistance.

(2): Color function design: In fact, the color elements of road guardrails are also very important. In order to meet the needs of traffic safety and smooth roads, the current traffic colors are red, white, yellow, green and black, turning green to blue. It forms five basic colors of red, blue, white, yellow and black. It designs and configures various combinations of directions, driving rules and warnings on the municipal traffic barriers. It enriches the urban transportation language and is simple and clear.

In summary, we introduced the galvanizing design, and the color function design is a factor that must be considered in the design of the Temporary Fence.

Temporary Fence


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