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Experts Teach You The Right Choice Of Grassland Fence Products

Jun. 20, 2019


Although the wire mesh fence product of Grassland Fence is not an emerging product, there are still some newcomers who don't know much about this product. As a Cattle Fence Manufacturer, let us explain to you so that you can choose Grassland Fence correctly.

First, the height of the Animal Husbandry Fence: a wide range, can be between 0.8-2.5 meters, if it is a large animal in captivity, such as cattle, sheep, horses and other animals, choose a slightly higher.

Second, the scope of the Animal Husbandry Fence: the range is also very large, can be between 5-60cm, small animals or large animal cubs, choose the pores smaller.

Grassland Fence

Third, the Grassland Fence silk: can be between 1.8-3.0mm, mainly to see the size of the cultured animal strength, if large and medium-sized animals, the strength is relatively large, the choice of silk is relatively thick.

Fourth, Grassland Fence surface treatment: general surface treatment is divided into hot-dip galvanizing and electro-galvanizing, if it is warm and humid in the vast areas of the South, generally choose hot-dip galvanizing.

I believe that everyone knows this, is it a certain understanding of the choice of Grassland Fence.


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