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How to Remedy the Barbed Wire Fence Rust?

Jul. 17, 2019


The main material of the barbed wire fence is made of low-carbon steel wire. The iron is an oxide. When the water molecules in the air contact, it will rust. The iron will become fragile and loose for a long time. At present, the anti-rust treatment methods for the surface of the barbed wire fence include cold (electric) galvanizing, hot-dip galvanizing, dip-coating, spray coating, spray coating, baking paint and the like. Now it mainly uses four major anti-rust processes: cold galvanizing, hot-dip galvanizing, spray coating and dip coating. When the zinc layer falls off, it does not have the anti-rust effect. Therefore, Wire Frame Fence Manufacturer does not recommend water cleaning. It can be cleaned with a high-pressure gas blower or vacuum cleaner. Pay more attention to the shedding of the zinc layer. If there is a phenomenon of zinc layer falling off, spray some silver paint for maintenance. If the surface is treated by dip or spray, it can be cleaned by high-pressure water spray. Dip or spray is a plastic coating process. The main raw material is polyvinyl chloride and polyethylene. It is a layer of plastic wrapped around the wire to cut off the oxidation of the wire mesh and air.

Wavy Wire Fence

After many customers purchased Bilateral Wire Mesh Fence, after a year or two, due to the dust on the road surface, the surface of the barbed wire fence was dirty for a long time. The cleaning of the barbed wire fence shall be determined according to the requirements of the surface treatment of the barbed wire fence. If the surface is galvanized, it is not recommended to use water for cleaning. Because the galvanizing treatment penetrates a layer of zinc into the wire, it will be used for a long time in a humid place. The zinc layer peeled off.

The surface of the process is smooth and the dust can be removed by high-pressure water spray. Spraying and dip-coating will have a working point during the processing. These working points are unevenly covered by the plastic layer, and the customer pays more attention to the painting and maintenance of the working point. Regular maintenance cleaning enhances the life of Wavy Wire Fence and improves aesthetics. Maintenance can be done with self-painting.


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