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Which product does Ivestock Fence use?

Nov. 18, 2019


The livestock fence network is Wire Mesh Fence, Dutch net, enclosure fence net, circle subway screen and so on. It is mainly made of high-quality iron wire welded, and the PVC or PE and PP powders are vulcanized and coated on the surface, which has strong adhesion, good corrosion resistance and bright colors.

Animal Fence Manufacturer allows animals to live quietly and enjoy the freedom.

The warp and weft wire loops are automatically twisted and braided. The product has a smooth mesh surface, uniform mesh, high toughness, high strength, and knot.

The novel, strong and precise, not close together, non-slip, anti-shock, anti-corrosion and windproof. Rainproof regardless of the local climate. Geography. Natural strip.

How bad the pieces are and can guarantee the service life. The service life is generally up to 20 years. Even partial cutting, partial pressure.

The force does not suffer from loose deformation. The product has good corrosion resistance and strong anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation characteristics.

The advantages of the general steel mesh are not available. Wraparound, buckle-type grassland net fence without barbed wire, no metal thorns, gram.

The biggest shortcoming of the previous grassland fence network is that it cannot protect the animal's fur. When the animal touches the fence net,

A small hole is formed in the skin of the stab wound, and there is a problem when the skin is used, and the skin is not competitive when it is exported. A new type of cattle.

The net can protect the fur of animals well. And it has good flexibility, durability, and enjoyability, and overcomes.

The shortcomings of welding seams of welded wire mesh are easy to open and fall off. Once installed, it will never be loose. It is to protect grasslands, pastures, forest farms and raw areas.

The best facilities for the environment. And other characteristics.

Livestock Fence

Livestock Fence

Which product does Livestock Fence use?

Livestock fence has a wide range of products, such as diamond-shaped hole hook flower net, cow net, Dutch net, twisted hexagonal net and so on. So what kind of products are better in these products? Then look at where you are using it.

If it is just a simple enclosure, there is no need to play a good protective role. Which of the above can achieve the effect? If you just want to save money, it is recommended to use the filament net. This product is very good.

If the enclosure is for breeding, then it depends on what to raise. If you raise the deer, you should choose good quality, and reduce or even harm the animals. You can choose a diamond-shaped hook-and-flower net and special deer net. The product is very good.

If it is for raising cattle or raising sheep, of course, it is a choice of bullpen nets. Economical and practical is a prominent advantage. The twisted hexagonal net is relatively embarrassing, can be used anywhere, and is used less, because the cost of this product is relatively high, and the mesh weaving is not uniform, so the aesthetics are worse, so people Still rarely used. It is better to use which product is used in the enclosure breeding fence. The key is to look at where to raise something and then choose it so that you know which one is right for your use.


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