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Please consider cost-per-foot when selecting optimal fence

Aug. 06, 2019


there are two questions I want to asks.

1. What type of animal are you trying to contain or exclude?

2. What safety precautions do you want to take?

“The type of fence you need for cattles can be different from what you need if you raise cattle or sheep,” And we have a fence style available which prevents foals from getting their leg stuck in the fence.

When it comes to cattle and sheep producers looking to replace old fencing or install a new fence for rotational grazing on pasture and rangeland, there are many options depending on stocking density and producer preference. And, not all fencing is designed to keep animals in.



Regardless of purpose or style preference, before buying a roll of fencing, we need to consider cost-per-foot.

And, the greater the tensile strength, the smaller gauge, lighter weight and less flexible the steel, which reduces cost per roll, risk of sag and number of fence posts needed to complete the project. 

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