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How Long Does The Galvanized Cattle Fence Last?

May. 24, 2019


Galvanized Cattle Fence is also based on the material used and the environment in which it is used. The common application Galvanized Cattle Fence can be used for 3 to 5 years under normal conditions. As a PVC Chain Link Fence Exporter, let's explain it to everyone.

End product: change the wire fence network (low cost, general corrosion resistance)

The wire mesh network is mostly used for temporary enclosure, family housing, and it is required to change the fence frequently.

Mid-end products: galvanized iron wire bullpen mesh, stainless steel wire bullpen net (low cost, strong corrosion resistance)

Galvanized Cattle Fence

The galvanized iron wire bullpen net and the stainless steel silk bullpen net are mostly used for family captivity, and the large-scale grassland, mountain and forest area are protected.

High-end products: hot-dip galvanized iron wire bullpen net (high cost, strong corrosion resistance)

Hot-dip galvanized iron wire bullpen net is generally used in areas with high service life and harsh environment, which are common in large-scale farms, isolation of dangerous areas, and large-scale protection of nursery bases.

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