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Hinge Joint Fencing Is Available In A Variety Of Sizes For A Variety Of Grazing Applications

Mar. 12, 2019


Hinge joint Fencing is designed specially to withstand stock pressure in specific grazing applications. As per the Australian Standards, the coating are done on all wires. It is available in different heights and lengths to suit a variety of grazing applications. It is suitable to less demanding stock conditions and less corrosive environments.

Surface treatment:

Class A: Hot dipped Galvanized Hinge Joint Field Fence(zinc coated:220-260g/m2)

Class B: Hot dipped galvanized hinge joint sheep wire fence(zinc coated:60-70g/m2)

Class c: Electro galvanized hinge joint sheep wire fence(zinc coated:15-20g/m2)

Galvanized Hinge Joint Field Fence


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