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Grassland Fence Features

Sep. 23, 2019


Grassland Fence has become a mesh fence in Inner Mongolia. The name of Grassland Fence varies from region to region. Grassland Fence is also known as Cattle Fence and Barbed Wire Fence. In fact, they are all products and the effect is the same. As a Sheep Fence Manufacturer, let's share the features of Grassland Fence.

Cattle Fence was developed in 2006 and lasted for one year. It not only replaces the old-fashioned net fences in the country but also saves resources for the country. Cattle Fence is also known as the Prairie Network. It is an ecologically widely used ecological balance in the Americas to prevent landslides and livestock fences, especially in rainy mountain areas. In recent years, 120 grams of nylon woven cloth with a layer of sunscreen has been sewed to prevent the outflow of sediment from rapidly developing.

1. Galvanized Cattle Fence is made of high-strength, high tensile strength high-strength galvanized steel wire that can withstand the violent impact of cattle, horses, sheep, and other livestock. Safe and reliable.

2. Cattle Fence grass net wire, corrugated ring surface galvanized, other parts are anti-rust, anti-corrosion application can adapt to a harsh working environment, the service life can reach more than 20 years.

Grassland Fence

Grassland Fence

3. The weft yarn of the Cattle Fence mesh adopts the rolling wave process to enhance the elasticity and cushioning function and can adapt to the cold shrinkage deformation and thermal expansion. Keep the mesh fence up and down.

4. Cattle Fence is simple in structure, easy to maintain, short in construction, small in size and light in weight

Grassland Fence is mainly used for grassland construction in pastoral areas, where grassland can be constructed and fixed-point grazing and grazing. It can promote the planned use of grassland resources, effectively improve grassland utilization and grazing efficiency, prevent grassland degradation and protect the natural environment. It is also suitable for the establishment of family farms with farmers and herdsmen to set up border guards, farm fences, forest nurseries, afforestation slopes, isolation of tourist areas and hunting areas, and isolation and maintenance of buildings.


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