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Is the Difference Between Grassland Fence and Ordinary Culture Fences?

Jul. 11, 2019


The mesh of the Grassland Fence that everyone sees now is not uniform, but the bottom and the hole are getting bigger and bigger. So what are the benefits of this in practical applications? Grassland Fence, produced by Sheep Fence Manufacturer, is a relatively fenced net used in farming. Of course, it is used in many other fields. It is very convenient to adapt to the cultivation of large and medium-sized animals. The mesh below is small to prevent small animals and cubs from entering and exiting. The mesh is large to separate large animals such as sheep, cattle, and horses, and it can save costs.

Grassland Fence

Therefore, the mesh of the Grassland Fence is generally not uniform.

The specifications of the Grassland Fence currently produced in China are all converted according to the specifications of the inch. When the unit is used in units of meters or centimeters, the length is not too accurate, but there is no problem in the use of the product.


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