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What is grassland fence?

Feb. 28, 2019


The Grassland Fence is a kind of ecological balance widely used in the Americas and Europe to prevent landslides and animal husbandry fences. Especially in the rainy mountainous areas, a layer of sunscreen 120 grams of nylon woven cloth is used to block the outflow of mud sand. Therefore, it has developed rapidly in recent years. Fully automatic mechanical production features: save a lot of labor, reduce the labor intensity of workers, add 2T-3T mechanical pressure during winding to make the mesh surface smooth, the structure is firm and precise, the mesh is uniform and the integrity is strong. In particular, the advanced pressure wave process is used to press a deep 12MM wide 40MM bend between each grid. This curve is commonly called “wave” to make the mesh surface smoother, and it relieves thermal expansion and contraction in the large climate change region in winter and summer. When the beast hits, the mesh automatically returns to increase the cushioning force of the mesh surface.

Material selection and production process

Steel Wire Grassland Fence is generally made of hot-dip galvanized wire. The amount of zinc on the floor is generally 60-100 grams per square meter. It is required in wet areas and has a wire of about 230 grams. Recently, it is also made of cold-galvanized wire in Africa. Horizontal wire, tensile strength 80KG--90KG to increase the impact resistance of the net. Vertical wire, low carbon steel with tensile strength of 40KG-50KG for winding on the horizontal wire. (When winding, add 2T-3T mechanical pressure to prevent vertical wire sliding) The grassland fence net surface requires flatness: no more than 1 (10 square centimeter) per 50 meters long up and down, up and down fluctuations More than 10MM. The grid left and right error does not exceed 3MM, and there is no joint for each roll of bullpen net.


The warp and weft wire loop type is automatically made of broccoli. The product has the characteristics of flat surface, uniform mesh, high toughness, high strength, novel structure, firm and precise, non-closed, non-slip, shockproof and corrosion resistant.


It is mainly used for fencing enclosure of grassland and pasture, and protection of ecological engineering.

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