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Galvanized Cattle Fence Is More Suitable For Pastures

Apr. 19, 2019


As a Mobile Barrier Fence Manufacturer, let's introduce Galvanized Cattle Fence. Galvanized Cattle Fence is mainly made of cow-net mesh weaving wraparound bullpen net and loop-type bullpen net. Its main feature is to prevent cows, sheep, horses, some grassland animals from jumping around, and meters to define boundaries. According to the appearance of this network, it is also called: grassland net, grassland fence net, barbed wire, grassland protection net, etc. The product has novel structure, firm and precise structure, flat mesh surface, uniform mesh, strong integrity, large toughness, no close together, and resistance to pressure. It is widely used in: zoo fence, construction site, fence, greening, Landscaping nets, wild animals, grasslands, pastures and other fences for grazing, especially for pasture fences, Galvanized Cattle Fence can play a very important role in the realization of rotation grazing and protection of pastures. Isolation and protection of expensive flowers, forests and planting areas.

Galvanized Cattle Fence


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