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How Was Cattle Fence Made?

Jan. 07, 2019


Cattle Fence can also be called a Grassland Fence. Cattle Fence is made with a buckle or twisted flower. When twisting the flower, 4-5 tons of pressure is added and the mesh is uniform and the integrity is strong. Even if it is partially cut, some of the pressure will not be loosened. Cattle Fence uses the pressure wave process to form a grid between each grid. The wavy shape makes the mesh surface flater. It relieves the thermal expansion and contraction in the place where the temperature difference is relatively large and can effectively avoid the violent impact of the animal. The anti-corrosion property of the bullpen net is very good. In short, the bullpen net has a general steel mesh. advantage. Galvanized Cattle Fence is made from high-strength galvanized wire, and the height, length and mesh can be made to meet customer needs. The main uses of the Niulan network include sand source management, fencing enclosure of pasture grasslands and protection of ecological engineering.

Cattle Fence, also named field Fence, Sheep Fence,Grassland fence, we offer have innovative and firm structure, flat surface, uniform opening and good integration.


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