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Galvanized Cattle Fence Installation Method

Mar. 26, 2019


As a Cattle Fence Exporter, ZHENGXIAO will explain the installation method of Galvanized Cattle Fence.

1. Galvanized Cattle Fence site observation

Before installing Galvanized Cattle Fence, first observe the site and see if the 8m wide area of the Galvanized Cattle Fence boundary line can be leveled. If there is any obstacle, first remove it. The position of the gate of the Niulan net wall should be selected in the direction of the road.

2. Install the column of Galvanized Cattle Fence

At the corners and corners of the Galvanized Cattle Fence device, the corner posts are installed. From the corner posts, a central column of the bullpen is installed every 400 meters along the road. A Galvanized Cattle Fence cartridge is placed every 14 meters and must be straight, strong and on a line. The depth of the entry column, the door post and the backbone column are 0.7 meters, the Galvanized Cattle Fence column is 0.5 meters, and the support rod is installed.

3. Install Galvanized Cattle Fence

From the Galvanized Cattle Fence corner, turn the Galvanized Cattle Fence in one direction, the small side of the weft is on the ground, knot the two rolls of Galvanized Cattle Fence, cut the wire at one end of the net, and tie it to the corner post, then use The tensioner clamps the other end of each weft with a collet and secures it to the center post of the Galvanized Cattle Fence, tightening every 200 meters. Tension must be evenly tightened when tightening.

4. Install the Galvanized Cattle Fence fence door:

The door is fixed on the door post with the door ear, and the door is straight and the switch is convenient.

5. Galvanized Cattle Fence fence final inspection:

At the end of the Galvanized Cattle Fence installation, a final inspection is necessary to ensure that all knots are correct, the wire ends are trimmed, and the knots are in the correct orientation.

Galvanized Cattle Fence


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