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What did the emergence of the gabion mesh bring?

Feb. 14, 2019


The appearance of Galvanized Gabion Mesh conformed to the requirements of the society. The production process of the stone cage net was exquisite. After various evaluations, repeated tests, summed up a lot of experience, and introduced advanced technology to guarantee the quality of the stone cage net. Moreover, the installation of the gabion net is very simple, and there is not a lot of investment in manpower and material resources. It is a low-cost product that is easy to use and durable.

Stone cage nets can be divided into different types to meet the needs of different terrains and different environments, and customers have better choices. The shape of the stone cage net is diversified, durable, and there will be no short-term breakage, rusting, etc., and the price of the stone cage net is low. In today's skyrocketing prices, the prices of many commodities have risen sharply, while the stone cages On the basis of the constant price, the network has improved the technology and truly made the stone cage network serve people.

Moreover, the Gabion Baskets Welded Mesh is very flexible and does not undergo a tonic fracture when the water is impacted. It protects the environment according to local conditions and is loved by many customers.

Gabion Mesh


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