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Cattle Fence role in grassland construction and animal husbandry

Nov. 26, 2019


Grassland Fence, is used for grassland and pasture fences. It is a wire, wire and wire weaving net.

First, the material: high-strength medium-carbon steel wire, high-quality low-carbon steel wire.

Second, classification: buckle-type grassland nets, wear-type grassland nets, surrounding cattle pen nets

Third, weaving process:

1. The loop-type grassland net is made by the machine twisting the warp and weft loops;

2. The warp and weft threads of grassland nets are formed by the locking of the threading;

3. Galvanized Cattle Fence is automatically twisted by special mechanical equipment.

Galvanized Cattle Fence

Galvanized Cattle Fence

4. Pressure wave: This is a new process, which is to roll a bend with a depth of 12MM and a width of 40MM between each grid on the warp. This bend is commonly called "wave". It makes the net surface more flat and wavy after installation. In areas with large climate changes in winter and summer, the deformation of the mesh surface caused by thermal expansion and contraction is alleviated, and it has the function of automatically returning when the beast hits the mesh surface to increase the cushioning force of the mesh surface.

5. Surface treatment: hot-dip galvanizing, electroplating, PVC coating, dipping, etc.

Fourth, the Cattle fence features a novel product structure. Strong and precise, flat surface, uniform mesh. Strong integrity, toughness, not close together, non-slip, compression resistance, corrosion resistance, windproof. Rainproof regardless of the local climate. Geography. How bad the conditions are and can guarantee the service life. The service life is generally up to 20 years. Even if it is cut locally, it will not suffer from loose deformation under local pressure. The product has good anti-corrosion performance, strong anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation characteristics, and has the advantages that ordinary steel wire mesh does not have. The wraparound and loop-type grassland fence have no barbed wire and no metal spikes, which overcomes the previous shortcomings of the grassland fence, which is that it cannot protect the skin of animals. Animals often puncture the skin and form small scars when they touch the fence. Small holes have problems when they are used, and they are not competitive when exported. The new bullpen net can well protect the animal's fur. In addition, it has good flexibility, elasticity, durability, and ornamental properties, and overcomes the shortcomings of welding points of the welded wire mesh that are easy to open and fall off. It is never loose in one installation. It is a better facility to protect grasslands, pastures, forest farms, and ecological environments .

Fifth, Uses: The bullpen net is mainly used for grassland construction in pastoral areas. It can be built around grasslands and fixed-point grazing can be implemented. It is convenient for the planned use of pasture resources, and is conducive to improving grassland utilization and grazing efficiency, preventing pasture degradation and protecting the natural environment. At the same time, it is also suitable to establish family farms and fences with agricultural and pastoral professional households; and farm fences, forest nurseries, closed hills, forests, tourist areas and hunting areas, and construction site isolation fences. At present, the grassland fence net has become the preferred product for grassland protection, sand plain management, and ecological environment management in China, and has gradually been incorporated into national key ecological management projects. We are Cattle Fence Manufacturer, welcome to consult.


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