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What are the benefits of Galvanized Cattle Fence in practical applications?

Jan. 07, 2020


The mesh of the conventional cattle fence is not uniform, but the mesh is getting larger and larger from the bottom. So what's the benefit of this in practical applications? Our Galvanized Cattle Fence is a kind of fence net that is widely used in farming. Of course, it is used in many other fields. It is convenient to adapt to breed large and medium-sized animals. The lower mesh is to prevent small animals and cubs from getting in and out, and the upper mesh is to separate large animals such as sheep, cattle, horses, and save costs.

Galvanized Cattle Fence

Galvanized Cattle Fence

Therefore, the mesh of the cattle fence is not uniform.

From the practical experience, it is concluded that Grassland Pasture Fence uses cattle fence better, and some advantages are not available in other products.

1. The zinc steel base material of the fence is a galvanized steel of various specifications made of hot-dip galvanized steel strip. The high-end high-frequency welding technology is used to make the welding smooth and strong.

2. The zinc content of the pipe surface of the zinc-galvanized steel pipe of the fence wall reaches 60-80mm / ㎡, and it can not rust for 3-5 years at normal temperature.

3. Zinc-steel fence products are further processed into galvanized pipes. Zinc steel guardrail process flow: machining → chemical treatment (oil removal → ash removal → nano-ceramicization → passivation) → electrostatic spraying (→ curing (220 ° high-temperature imitation enamel curing) can reach 20 years after multiple processes.

4. The biggest feature of zinc steel products for fences is that there is no welding. The accessories developed by zinc steel and pipes are perfectly combined to achieve beautiful, solid and applicable, and meet the standards of the American Fence Association.

5. The surface of the fence products is powder-coated. Its products are beautiful in shape, colors can be freely matched, colors are better than rainbows, and there is no welding and interspersing combination. It has super strong protection functions, self-cleaning and environmental protection, and achieves the low-carbon environmental protection and green living products advocated by the state in the true sense.

The structural design of the fence net itself is very durable. We have welded a lot of Galvanized Cattle Fence Exporter in this area. The quality of the welding is very good. The quality of the net can basically meet the market demand, but the mesh has large There are small, high and low. This needs to be distinguished according to the object used. Suppose we raise chickens, it has wings, but it can fly. Therefore, we choose a higher fence net, smaller mesh. Like cattle and sheep, we need to choose a fence net that is relatively strong, because sheep, cattle, etc. may collide on the fence net, so to speak, we need a stronger fence net.


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