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What are the benefits of Deer Fence in practical applications?

Jan. 19, 2020


In the deer fence seen in practical applications, the vertical mesh is uneven, and the lower the mesh is, the smaller the mesh is. This effect is better and better for protection. The reason is that users can save a certain amount of cost. It can be said that this design is very user-friendly.

Under normal circumstances, the mesh of the deer fence is larger and larger from bottom to top, so what are the benefits in practical applications? As a Breeding Fence Exporter, share with you. It is well known that the deer fence is a kind of fence net that is widely used inbreeding. Of course, it is also widely used in other fields. If you breed large and medium-sized animals, this product is highly recommended. The lower mesh is to prevent small animals and cubs from getting in and out, and the upper mesh is to separate large animals such as sheep, cattle, horses, etc., and save costs. Therefore, the mesh of the general bullpen net is not uniform. Occasionally, some customers will require a positive hole, that is, the upper and lower meshes are the same size, but this is a rare case.

Deer fence

Deer fence

Whether the mesh of the Deer fence is uneven or regular, as long as it is practical, it will reflect the price, so when buying products, users do not have to worry too much about this issue. The key is which one is more suitable for them.

The original fence net has good anti-corrosion performance, has strong anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation characteristics, and has the advantages that ordinary steel wire nets do not have. Grassland fence nets are mainly used for grassland construction in pastoral areas, grasslands can be fenced around, fixed-point grazing, and fence grazing. Facilitate the planned use of pasture resources, effectively improve grassland utilization and grazing efficiency, prevent grassland degradation, and protect the natural environment. At the same time, it is also applicable to set up family farms with households specialized in agriculture and animal husbandry. The grassland fence net is made of high-strength steel wire and is automatically twisted.

It is mainly used for grassland construction in pastoral areas. It can be surrounded by grasslands, fixed-point grazing, and grazing in columns. It is convenient for the planned use of pasture resources, and is conducive to improving grassland utilization and grazing efficiency, preventing pasture degradation and protecting the natural environment. At the same time, it is also applicable to establish family farms and fences with farming and pastoral households; farmland fences, forest nurseries, closed hills and forests, tourist and hunting areas, and construction site isolation fences.

Grassland Fence is a widely used animal husbandry fence that protects ecological balance and prevents landslides. Especially in rainy mountainous areas, a layer of sunscreen 120g nylon woven cloth is sewn outside the net to prevent mud and sand from flowing out, so it has developed rapidly in recent years.


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