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Application of Wire Mesh Fence in the stadium

Jan. 13, 2020


In addition to being used in courts, sports fields, and schools, sports basketball court fence nets are often used as prison fence nets, with the advantage of reaching a height of seven meters. Now, with the improvement of the community environment and the renovation of the city square, some basketball courts, football fields, baseball fields, etc. have risen, and the fence of sports basketball courts has a wider prospect.
In order to better maintain the fence, the fence needs to be inspected regularly. If the fence is found to be damaged, it needs to be replaced in time. So as not to cause some unnecessary hidden dangers.
When the Wire Mesh Fence is being maintained, in addition to paying attention to cleaning work, it is also necessary to pay attention to detail of this. Then it is necessary to pay attention to keeping the fence dry, and in order to allow better maintenance, it is best to be within a few months When the fence is painted, it is necessary to pay attention to it. When painting, you should also pay attention to drying it. If you do not dry it in time, the fence is also very easy to appear.

Wire Mesh Fence 

Wire Mesh Fence

As a Wire Mesh Fence Manufacturer, I would like to share the relevant information about Chain Link Fence. Chain link netting is named after the process of crocheting each other. Galvanized or plastic-coated wire is used to crochet each other. A good chain-link net can be processed into a fence net through the connection with the frame. A commonly used type is a sports basketball court fence net. The height of the fence of the sports basketball court can be 7 meters and the length are not restricted. Generally, a steel pipe with a diameter of 48mm, 60mm, or 75mm is used, and a frame of 30mm or 48mm round pipe is used.
The chain link mesh has diamond-shaped holes. The measurement method is that the interval from edge to edge is the size of the mesh. The average chain link mesh is 4-8 cm. The chain diameter of chain link fence is generally 3-5 mm (beautifying the lawn). In height, the chain-link net can reach a weaving width of 4 meters, and the length is cut according to demand.
A high height Stadium Fence China can be made into two pieces that connect up and down. Generally, it needs to be spliced when it reaches more than 4 meters. Because the width of the chain-link fence can only reach 4 meters, it cannot be woven if it is wider. There are generally two methods of fixing columns: embedded and flanged. The colors of fence nets in sports basketball courts are generally grass green and dark green, and other colors are almost invisible. This is mainly because green has the effect of maintaining eyes and does not make people dizzy.


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