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What Are The Advantages Of Animal Wire Mesh Fencing?

Jun. 13, 2019


Cattle Fence Manufacturer to share with you the advantages of Animal Wire Mesh Fencing.

1. Animal Wire Mesh Fencing is made of the high-strength galvanized steel wire with high strength and high tensile force. Can withstand the fierce impact of cattle, horses, sheep and other livestock, safe and secure.

2. Steel wire, the corrugated ring is galvanized, and other parts are rust-proof and anti-corrosion methods. It can adapt to bad missions and has a long life.

3. The weaving mesh weft adopts the rolling wave process, strengthens the elastic relaxation buffer function, and can conform to the deformation of thermal expansion and contraction so that the net fence always adheres to the tightening form.

4. The structure of Animal Wire Mesh Fencing is simple, easy to maintain, short in establishment period, small in volume and light in weight, easy to transport, and ventilation and light transmission do not affect the landform.

Animal Wire Mesh Fencing


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